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Driving home for Christmas




Still looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Why not give everybody a warm wool sweater? From godchild to grandmother, I'm sure everyone will be happy with a cosy knit. Cashmere, mohair or cable knit - there's a perfect winter woolie out there for the whole family!
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The Rules


Reading a lot these days so it seems, but I also finally unpacked all of my clothes, washed them and hung them up. Some didn't make the final selection and are going to charity. My style is ever evolving, but gets more classic the older I get. An attempt to unleash my inner Parisienne perhaps. A good guide when you clean up your wardrobe is the following:

Harper Bazaar’s 10 commandments of dressing:
When contemplating a purchase or just deciding what to wear, consider these tenets and you can’t go wrong:
1. Know what you like and what you don’t.
2. Dress for yourself—not for anyone else.
3. Dress to suit your age.
4. Dress to suit your shape.
5. Look appropriate for where you are going.
6. Wear your clothes with confidence.
7. Feel good about what you spend your money on.
8. Embrace your individual style.
9. Don’t be a slave to the latest trend
10. Don’t be afraid to break the rules.

Matchbook Girl


One of my favourite online reads is Matchbook Magazine, an online publication launched in January 2011. The monthly issues cover fashion, art, design, travel, culture - everything a girl needs the know about the world out there. As they say it 'From lipstick to letterpress, gelato to grosgrain, and Paris to Peru, consider us your field guide to a charmed life.'
I especially love their '10 things you didn't know about', the book reviews and intriguing interviews. Check out this month's issue for  '50 classic stocking stuffers' aka last-minute inspirational gift ideas.

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The Gentlewoman


My father gave me a nice present yesterday: a copy of The Gentlewoman. This biannual style magazine features inspirational women, a fresh perspective on fashion and beautiful photography. So far I've read the interview with Carine Roitfeld and drooled over the pictures of The Great Outdoors-fashion spreads. Simple and with loads of personality - a must have magazine. 
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