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Wild berries


photos via zara people, topshop & candice lake

Bright red really isn't my thing. Good enough to decorate the Christmas tree, but not my favourite choice for a party outfit. With Christmas creeping closer, my couleur-du-jour is burgundy. The dark, rich colour that brings to mind a good glass of wine or a handful of wild berries. My favourite pair of jeans and this cozy sweater will get me comfortably through the holidays. Sweater combined with this plaid pants and a pair of heels - perfect to welcome the new year. Happy holidays everyone!

Weekend wanderlust


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Because the weekend days are the best days, here's a list of fun stuff to do and check out over the next 48 hours. Enjoy your time off!

1/dream of owning your very own previously owned Delvaux handbag at Labellov
2/get comfy and watch an old black&white movie - download for free at BNWmovies
3/help me pick out a new sofa at Skandium - could this be the one? - choose something for your own home while you're at it
4/countdown to Christmas celebrations and nothing to wear: the perfect dress waits for you at La Garçonne

Gift guide


't Is the season... time to go gift shopping. Here are some of my all time favourites:
a warm plaid scarf from J. Crew - a nice cookbook, French cuisine made easy by Rachel Khoo - a new perfume for a new year, from Philosophy - a pair of wool socks by Donna Wilson - a Christmas candle by French perfumer Diptyque - an ugly doll for the little ones -  a set of festive earrings by Belgian designers Wouters & Hendrix - a bright red lipstick by Chanel - a box of Scrabble for family fun - a dvd box set with the final season of The Killing - a cast iron candle holder by Iitala - and to wrap the presents to perfection: free printable gift tags from Poppy Talk

What I loved... in November


click to enlarge - great recipe for garlic bread, here
brunch photo via oliviaraejames

This month had lots of really nice moments. Went for drinks with my colleagues and ate too much garlic bread. Had some lovely me-time, having a Dermalogica facial. Danced the night away at Magic. Hosted a brunch for dear friend Sofie and her daughter Alix - ladies who brunch. Got my hair cut and coloured, a beachy blonde to remember summer. Drank much too much coffee and ate lots of cake.

Off the grid


photo via zara people

Love everything about this outfit. The tweed pants, striped tee, plaid scarf and wool jacket. I might decide on a different pair of shoes for rainy days, but that's just sensible me.



Feel a bit of apartment envy while looking at the pictures of this Paris flat. Clarisse Demory decorated her French home with muted colours, giving the rooms an airy feel.  The photos she took of other people's houses in the series 'Inside their home' have the same effect - maybe I could save up for a beach house to decorate? More inspiration on her blog!

Black and blue


The new Zara lookbook has me reaching for my credit card. Baggy jeans, silk shirt, striped sweater and sharp jacket: my wardrobe staples for winter. Get the goodies right here.

New in: winter woolies


1/I'll be beating the cold with this pair of wool socks, a cosy sweater and a cashmere hat  2/bundling up inside reading the new issue of The Gentlewoman  3/getting glowy skin with the best precleanse ever and take care of my chapped lips with this little pink wonder

Weekend wanderlust


Because the weekend days are the best days, here's a list of fun stuff to do and check out over the next 48 hours. Enjoy your time off!
1/check out the new Humanoid collection - I feel a bit of a shopping spree coming up  2/get inspired by the quotes at this site  3/start dreaming about your next citytrip and consider staying at Bunk Hostel in Istanbul  4/indulge in a guilty pleasure and make croissants aux amandes for breakfast - a great way to start your day

Pretty pictures


Earlier this week I got some photos taken for the new blog by Eefje De Coninck. She's a very talented Belgian photographer  who takes beautiful pictures. She has already done some work for The Vamoose, DS magazine and textile designer Hermine Van Dijck. The photos she took of me, are right here. Check out Eefje's blog here.

all photos by Eefje De Coninck

What I loved... in September

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Stressy September. Ripped out my kitchen cabinets and floor boards. And then built a new kitchen, to ressemble this one. A picture perfect white kitchen for my cooking adventures. Had lots of coffee breaks at my favourite place in town, Normo. Got my fashion fix at the first edition of Antwerp Fashion Night. Bought a beautiful new winter coat at COS. Started volunteering at De Studio

What I loved... in August


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August had some great days in it. A perfect end to the summer. Went to a second hand book market. Got on a boat for a mini-sailing trip with my dad. Visited a dear friend in Rotterdam. Discovered this burger restaurant while I was there. Welcomed my friend's baby girl into this world. Went out for drinks and diner with friends. Again and againOrdered the most beautiful wooden worktops for my new kitchen. Spent three lovely days in Paris, wandering around town and eating great food. At this place and this restaurant.

Summer fruit


One of the things I did to prepare for my tropical weekend, was stocking up on fruit & vegetables and lots of juice. When it gets really hot I don't like cooking, let alone eat a hot meal. But a bowl of chopped summer fruit with Greek yoghurt or brioche bread with a raspberry jam are really yummy for breakfast. Found some nice recipes, do try them out.

Les Voguettes


*superstylish breed of French women who work at style bible no. 1 and have a closet full of pretty things

As a treat I booked myself and a friend a long getaway in Paris at the end of the month. And guess who'll be my fashion inspiration while packing my suitcase? Les Voguettes, aka Emmanuelle Alt, Géraldine Saglio and Anastasia Barbieri. Skinny jeans, high heels and shirts are mandatory. Still on the shopping list: the perfect leather jacket. Perhaps this is the one?
photos via stockholmstreetstyle - click to enlarge

What I loved... in July


photos via sandro, 100%travel & les tartes

July was pretty relaxed. I went sales shopping and came home with fine clothes from American Vintage and Sandro. Organised a pie party for my mother's birthday. With sweet and savoury tarts from this caterer. Got a new haircut. Went to a nice flea market. Learned new make up-tricks at MAC and bought some goodies to practise my new skills at home. Spent my days off wandering around town, soaking up sunshine and drinking too much frappuccino's. Had a lovely afternoon at my friend's house, playing with her toddler girl.

Ice ice baby


In summer there's one thing I'll eat on a daily basis: ice cream. And still never get enough of it... I get a panic attack if there's no tub in the freezer left. On holidays I try to find the best ice cream vendor and test every flavour and topping they offer. I'll happily skip lunch if this means I get to have another scoop. So... should I invest in my very own ice cream maker? Or would it be better to get my ice cream fix outside the door? 
photos via a beautiful mess, alle dagen honger & pinterest
Searching for yummy recipes for your ice cream maker, click here. In the mood for a popsicle-with-a-twist, check this out. 

Time off


No exotic destination for my couple of days off, but downtime in my hometown. 
Luckily we're having tropical temperatures right now. Strolling from one terrace to another, book in hand. Eating lots of ice cream and drinking too many frappuccino's. 
Utter bliss.

Building castles


Remember when I told you guys the fun part aka home decorating could begin? And I was hoping all DIY-stuff was finished for a while? Well... that was before I decided to rip out the old kitchen cabinets and  - hey, why not? - my kitchen floor. Also figured fitting out my walk-in wardrobe at the same time would be a great idea and stumbled upon some nice bathroomstorage and wash bassin at that Swedish store. Seems like I will know what to do during my days off work. But when all the hard work is done, my home really will be my castle!

photos via a merry mishap, vosgesparis, dosfamily, still inspiration & bolaget

Style crush: Lucy Williams


photos via vanessa jackman & stylists muze
Time to introduce  one of my favourite people in fashion land: Lucy Williams, Instyle UK fashion assistant and contributor at stylus.com. Boots, hats, schorts and leather: the girl sure knows how to combine her clothes with a boho chic vibe and some rock-'n-roll edge. On my fall-shopping list: a leather perfecto, camel coat and - why not - a Maison Michel hat. Lucy has her own blog, so go on and take a peek inside her life&likes.

Wishful thinking


I wish my absence on the blog was due to me travelling the seven seas, sipping on a mojito. But helas, I've been cooped up inside my apartment hoping for better weather and hot summerdays, instead of yet another day of rain. I wish I was packing my suitcases right now, before flighing to a remote sunny beach for some well-deserved R&R. Unfortunately, that's not the case. But a girl can dream, can't she?
photo via a pair & a spare

What I loved... in June


June was a fun month! With lots of girl's talk on a night out, eating pizza and drinking cosmopolitans. New musical discovery Boy on repeat in my cd-player. Another family brunch with loads of yummy food. Favourite brew of the month: a latte de pooh, with honey. Artwork by Lieke van der Vorst hanging on my living room wall. A boat tour on the river Schelde with fantastic views of hometown Antwerp. And great new jeans from MiH thanks to friend Kelli who handpicked her favourite pairs from her shop for me.

School's out


Belgian designer Laetitia Crahay is not only responsible for the accessories at Chanel, she also designs headpieces for Maison Michel. I love the pictures of this collection, showcasing classic pieces and quirky designs. Monsieur Lagerfeld himself took the photos.
School's out everyone, now go enjoy your summer holiday!

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Hello sunshine


Love this editorial from Tank Magazine - it captures the spirit I'm in when 
the sun shines perfectly.

Cycle chic


I already told you about my love-hate-relationship with riding a bike in the city before. But when the sun peeks through the clouds and I finally get a summery feeling, getting up on a bike seems like the right thing to do. People look so happy riding their bike, it's infectious. Next weekend I'm dressing up to ride my bicyclette, Cycle Chic Antwerp is casting models for a fashion show on bikes. In town? Come join me! 
click to enlarge - photos via the sartorialist, garance doré, mr newton & vanessa jackman 

The Good Life


photo via studded hearts
Life has been slow the last couple of weeks. My energy levels were pretty low - I blame the weather - so I took it easy breezy. In between working 9-to-5, I stayed indoors and watched a movie, cooked some great vegetarian dishes, discovered inspirational blogs like this one, dreamed about going on a summer holiday to this place in the sun, tested&approved Dr Hauschka products, read a book... and then some. Taking it easy. Happy weekend everybody!

Lazy cow


I'm spending my weekend indoors. Curled up on the sofa with the latest Vogue issue and The Hunger Games-book. Drinking lots of herbal tea. Creating my own spa and testing out new Dr Hauschka products. Eating lots of fruit&veg. Watching back-to-back episodes from Spooks. Painting my nails a bright summer colour. Bliss.

lazy weekend
click to enlarge - photos via mih jeans, american apparel hoodie, dr hauschka, chanel holiday nailpolish, american vintage

Peony pink


Just bought a pink braided bracelet from some little girls who set up shop in the street, my house smells of bright peonies and my nailpolish-of-the-day is Chanel no. 519, Rose exubérant. Pink parade!
photos via acne, stockholmstreetstyle & the sartorialist - click to enlarge

What I loved... in May


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May was a great month: I went to Paris for a three-day-trip and got to stroll alongside Canal Saint-Martin in the sun, bought classy PJ pants and wore them to work, discovered Greek natural cosmetics brand Apivita (thx Elke!), read the Hunger Games and Stephen Clarke's Paris revealed, walked a mile in my new booties and listened to Coeur de Pirate practically non-stop.

Bisou de Paris


Just got back from three lovely days in Paris - missing it already...

French connection


In 3 days time I'll be in Paris for a well-deserved break. Reservations have been made, my little black book is filled with adresses to check out and according to the weather forecast the sun will be shining non-stop. Only thing left to do: packing my bag!


click to enlarge - photos via apc, petit bateau, mih jeans, isabel marant, tom ford sunglasses, marais usa, mango & l'oréal

Come rain or shine


With the weather being so unpredictable the last couple of weeks, getting dressed in the mornings is quite a task. Can I wear summer sandals and a dress or should I wear boots and a trench? The weather seems to change every hour, so even looking out of the window isn't helpful. My solution: wearing everything at once and layering up!
click to enlarge - photos via the sartorialist, garance doré, vanessa jackman & stockholmstreetstyle

What I loved... in April


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For the first time on the blog: a monthly theme, that looks back at the past month and honours all the small things that make life fun, interesting & pleasurable. 

April was a nice month: I got to celebrate my birthday with a lovely birthday brunch, found the perfect vintage handbag, went on a day cours to learn more about the lifes&likes of Mademoiselle Chanel, finally hung picture frames on my living room wall, read the stories on Industry of One and ate much - yes, one can have too much - raspberry macarons.

Natural simplicity


I love this editorial from Oyster magazine with actress Lake Bell. The simplicity of the clothes, the freshness of her face and her beautiful long hair. Wish my hair would grow a little faster, seems liked it stopped halfway through...

Haute chaussure


Every once in a while my All Stars, boots and ballerinas get to spend a day in the shoe closet and I defy gravity on a pair of high heels. With my modest budget, I don't get to spend fortunes on skyscraper heels with a name. Although my collection does include a glossy black pair of D&G peeptoe booties - with a price tag of 50 euros one of my best vintage finds - most of my heels are from more modest origins. I love to buy a new pair on my annual trip to Paris, tend to purchase pairs from COS or Zara and have a thing for Belgian brand Noë. They offer pumps in every colour imaginable and have several heel heights to choose from. Friend Kelli is such a fan, she opened a store especially to showcase them. It's like having my own private shoe shop...
click to enlarge - photos via jak&jil

Le brunch


beautiful breakfast pictures via simply breakfast
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One of my favourite passtimes during the weekend, is having a lazy Sunday brunch. At home or in a nice coffee bar in town. Fresh juice, eggs, fruit salad, pancakes and more. So when I invited my family over this weekend to celebrate my birthday, we did exactly that. My dining room table was packed with delicious stuff. I made a mouthwatering banana smoothie, a fresh fruit salad with strawberries and American pancakes with maple syrup. C'était délicieux!

Let's eat cake


It's my birthday today and I have a day off work. To sleep till noon, enjoy a birthday brunch, a bit of home decoration shopping and have dinner with friends. A perfect day, full of joy and  small pleasures. Surrounded by friends and family. I wouldn't want it any other way...
The past year has been full of surprises and I loved every minute of it. On to the next one!
via note to self

Weekend wishlist


Just put the last coat of paint on the bathroom walls and now the fun part can begin: decorating! Finding the perfect items to accessorize my home has been on my mind for months now. With all the time-consuming DIY-ing behind me, I can finally go shopping. 
On the wishlist: a cool coffee table from Danish brand Hay, bits and bobs from Ferm Living, a white Le Creuset cocotte, cute china plates from Donna Wilson, a vintage style radio to sing along to while cooking and cushion covers from Fine Little Day. Greedy? Who, moi? 
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Le trench - part deux


Time for some streetstyle snaps starring one of my wardrobe staples: le trench! Again, I know... But so ideal for the kind of transitional dressing going on this period of the year and easy to combine chic or casual clothes with. I'm trying to convince you all to have at least one trench coat hanging in your wardrobe, no excuses.
click to enlarge - photos via the sartorialist, vanessa jackman, atlantic pacific & stockholm streetstyle 

Spring break


Hope you all had a nice Easter weekend. Chocolate overdose anyone? Mine was very productive: I've helped my brother put up a garden shed and finally painted my bathroom. I chose a sea green which really brightens up the room. Pictures to follow...
With the weather being so bad the last couple of days and no better prospects, I've been daydreaming about a trip to the sun. Breaks to Paris and Istanbul are planned, but not soon enough for my impatient nature. And some sunshine never hurt anyone, right?
How about a trip to Soho Beach House in Miami?
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Red alert


My friend Kelli hooked me up with this beautiful red Paris jeans from English brand MiH and well... I don't want to wear another jeans brand anymore. The fit is just perfect, my legs appear longer and slimmer. Teamed with a simple white blouse, perfect flats from APC, cute Vanrycke bracelet and nail polish from Chanel: the perfect combo for a day in the office, a city trip or visit to friends. 

Red alert

Bathing in beauty


The last couple of days have been filled with DIY. No lying around in the sunshine for me, I still had to revamp my bathroom and decided it was time. So we fitted a lower ceiling to hide the ugly water heater unit and layed my new blackish cork floor. Then I had to varnish the floor a gazillion times, so blogging wasn't exactly a priority...
Anyway, I'm into the final stretch now. I'll be painting ceiling and walls this weekend, if only I could decide on the colour. Maybe a minty green (like in the colour scheme below)? Somehow I find the bathroom the most difficult room in the house to decorate... Stay tuned for the result!
photos via designsponge & stadshem - click to enlarge

Style crush: Hanne Gaby Odiele


Miss Hanne Gaby Odiele, catwalk queen extraordinaire, is Belgian like me. Helas, that's the only thing we have in common. She has endless legs and is not afraid to mix 'n match different prints, textures and colours. Known for her eclectic fashion taste, she's a regular on streetstyle blogs.
In 2006 she was hit by a car which left her in tatters, but after months of intensive physical therapy she reappeared on the runway for SS 2008. And she's been succesfull ever since...



Throughout the weekend I've been daydreaming about the outfit on the right. Those white jeans combined with the soft pink and touches of black, seems like the perfect transitional outfit towards Spring. White jeans, do or don't?
I found this picture on the People section of the Zara website. Dress up in your latest Zara purchases, take a nice picture and if the photo gets published you receive a gift certificate to buy - more - Zara designs. Now where did I leave my camera....

Sunday blues


Spending my Sunday at home with a stack of homemade pancakes for breakfast, the new issue of The Gentlewoman for company and a new dvd to end a perfect lazy day. See you on Monday!

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Jean jean


Can't decide if it's the pink hair or the lovely denim clothes, but I really like this fashion editorial from Elle France. I'm a denim lover myself, so the washed out shirt and cute shorts-flower jacket combo would fit perfectly in my wardrobe.

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