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Haute chaussure


Every once in a while my All Stars, boots and ballerinas get to spend a day in the shoe closet and I defy gravity on a pair of high heels. With my modest budget, I don't get to spend fortunes on skyscraper heels with a name. Although my collection does include a glossy black pair of D&G peeptoe booties - with a price tag of 50 euros one of my best vintage finds - most of my heels are from more modest origins. I love to buy a new pair on my annual trip to Paris, tend to purchase pairs from COS or Zara and have a thing for Belgian brand Noë. They offer pumps in every colour imaginable and have several heel heights to choose from. Friend Kelli is such a fan, she opened a store especially to showcase them. It's like having my own private shoe shop...
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Le brunch


beautiful breakfast pictures via simply breakfast
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One of my favourite passtimes during the weekend, is having a lazy Sunday brunch. At home or in a nice coffee bar in town. Fresh juice, eggs, fruit salad, pancakes and more. So when I invited my family over this weekend to celebrate my birthday, we did exactly that. My dining room table was packed with delicious stuff. I made a mouthwatering banana smoothie, a fresh fruit salad with strawberries and American pancakes with maple syrup. C'était délicieux!

Let's eat cake


It's my birthday today and I have a day off work. To sleep till noon, enjoy a birthday brunch, a bit of home decoration shopping and have dinner with friends. A perfect day, full of joy and  small pleasures. Surrounded by friends and family. I wouldn't want it any other way...
The past year has been full of surprises and I loved every minute of it. On to the next one!
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Weekend wishlist


Just put the last coat of paint on the bathroom walls and now the fun part can begin: decorating! Finding the perfect items to accessorize my home has been on my mind for months now. With all the time-consuming DIY-ing behind me, I can finally go shopping. 
On the wishlist: a cool coffee table from Danish brand Hay, bits and bobs from Ferm Living, a white Le Creuset cocotte, cute china plates from Donna Wilson, a vintage style radio to sing along to while cooking and cushion covers from Fine Little Day. Greedy? Who, moi? 
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Le trench - part deux


Time for some streetstyle snaps starring one of my wardrobe staples: le trench! Again, I know... But so ideal for the kind of transitional dressing going on this period of the year and easy to combine chic or casual clothes with. I'm trying to convince you all to have at least one trench coat hanging in your wardrobe, no excuses.
click to enlarge - photos via the sartorialist, vanessa jackman, atlantic pacific & stockholm streetstyle 

Spring break


Hope you all had a nice Easter weekend. Chocolate overdose anyone? Mine was very productive: I've helped my brother put up a garden shed and finally painted my bathroom. I chose a sea green which really brightens up the room. Pictures to follow...
With the weather being so bad the last couple of days and no better prospects, I've been daydreaming about a trip to the sun. Breaks to Paris and Istanbul are planned, but not soon enough for my impatient nature. And some sunshine never hurt anyone, right?
How about a trip to Soho Beach House in Miami?
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Red alert


My friend Kelli hooked me up with this beautiful red Paris jeans from English brand MiH and well... I don't want to wear another jeans brand anymore. The fit is just perfect, my legs appear longer and slimmer. Teamed with a simple white blouse, perfect flats from APC, cute Vanrycke bracelet and nail polish from Chanel: the perfect combo for a day in the office, a city trip or visit to friends. 

Red alert

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