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Ice ice baby


In summer there's one thing I'll eat on a daily basis: ice cream. And still never get enough of it... I get a panic attack if there's no tub in the freezer left. On holidays I try to find the best ice cream vendor and test every flavour and topping they offer. I'll happily skip lunch if this means I get to have another scoop. So... should I invest in my very own ice cream maker? Or would it be better to get my ice cream fix outside the door? 
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Searching for yummy recipes for your ice cream maker, click here. In the mood for a popsicle-with-a-twist, check this out. 

Time off


No exotic destination for my couple of days off, but downtime in my hometown. 
Luckily we're having tropical temperatures right now. Strolling from one terrace to another, book in hand. Eating lots of ice cream and drinking too many frappuccino's. 
Utter bliss.

Building castles


Remember when I told you guys the fun part aka home decorating could begin? And I was hoping all DIY-stuff was finished for a while? Well... that was before I decided to rip out the old kitchen cabinets and  - hey, why not? - my kitchen floor. Also figured fitting out my walk-in wardrobe at the same time would be a great idea and stumbled upon some nice bathroomstorage and wash bassin at that Swedish store. Seems like I will know what to do during my days off work. But when all the hard work is done, my home really will be my castle!

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Style crush: Lucy Williams


photos via vanessa jackman & stylists muze
Time to introduce  one of my favourite people in fashion land: Lucy Williams, Instyle UK fashion assistant and contributor at stylus.com. Boots, hats, schorts and leather: the girl sure knows how to combine her clothes with a boho chic vibe and some rock-'n-roll edge. On my fall-shopping list: a leather perfecto, camel coat and - why not - a Maison Michel hat. Lucy has her own blog, so go on and take a peek inside her life&likes.

Wishful thinking


I wish my absence on the blog was due to me travelling the seven seas, sipping on a mojito. But helas, I've been cooped up inside my apartment hoping for better weather and hot summerdays, instead of yet another day of rain. I wish I was packing my suitcases right now, before flighing to a remote sunny beach for some well-deserved R&R. Unfortunately, that's not the case. But a girl can dream, can't she?
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What I loved... in June


June was a fun month! With lots of girl's talk on a night out, eating pizza and drinking cosmopolitans. New musical discovery Boy on repeat in my cd-player. Another family brunch with loads of yummy food. Favourite brew of the month: a latte de pooh, with honey. Artwork by Lieke van der Vorst hanging on my living room wall. A boat tour on the river Schelde with fantastic views of hometown Antwerp. And great new jeans from MiH thanks to friend Kelli who handpicked her favourite pairs from her shop for me.

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