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Weekend wanderlust


Because the weekend days are the best days, here's a list of fun stuff to do and check out over the next 48 hours. Enjoy your time off!
1/check out the new Humanoid collection - I feel a bit of a shopping spree coming up  2/get inspired by the quotes at this site  3/start dreaming about your next citytrip and consider staying at Bunk Hostel in Istanbul  4/indulge in a guilty pleasure and make croissants aux amandes for breakfast - a great way to start your day

Pretty pictures


Earlier this week I got some photos taken for the new blog by Eefje De Coninck. She's a very talented Belgian photographer  who takes beautiful pictures. She has already done some work for The Vamoose, DS magazine and textile designer Hermine Van Dijck. The photos she took of me, are right here. Check out Eefje's blog here.

all photos by Eefje De Coninck

What I loved... in September

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Stressy September. Ripped out my kitchen cabinets and floor boards. And then built a new kitchen, to ressemble this one. A picture perfect white kitchen for my cooking adventures. Had lots of coffee breaks at my favourite place in town, Normo. Got my fashion fix at the first edition of Antwerp Fashion Night. Bought a beautiful new winter coat at COS. Started volunteering at De Studio

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