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What I loved... in January


2015 started off really well - I welcomed the new year with friends & firework. Had a healthy lunch at my new favourite spot, Local Store. Travelled to Amsterdam for work and had the chance to stop by Tenue de NĂ®mes for another perfect pair of Levis Made & Crafted skinny jeans. Visited a dear friend in Mechelen and discovered this gem of a lunch & beer bar. Spoiled myself and booked an appointment at this beauty salon. Went to a Thai restaurant - twice. Was invited to afternoon tea at Eefje's place - it had me reaching for my camera, I loved every nook and cranny. Had a play date with my friend's daughters. Visited this beautiful photo exhibition. And of course I had multiple cups of coffee, at my regular coffee bar and this newcomer

Als ik mijn ogen toedoe, ben ik in Honoloeloe


There's a new hotspot in Mechelen with the most exotic - and long - name I ever came across: 'Als ik mijn ogen toedoe, ben ik in Honoloeloe' (If I close my eyes, I'm in Honolulu). This homely lunch & beer bar in the city centre serves tasty lunch dishes - do try their homemade pastrami on rye bread - delicious cakes from Antwerp based BAKED, an extensive selection of specialty beers, and tapas for cocktail hour.
The cool interior was designed by Atelier Belge and features a 'living room' on the first floor with a cosy seating area, a communal table, a beautifully designed bar in dark wood and tables-for-two with bar stools.
If you'd like to try something different for lunch, head over to Honoloeloe!

Als ik mijn ogen toedoe, ben ik in Honoloeloe - Grote Markt 11 - Mechelen

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